Website Maintenance and Management

Frustrated Business Owner Updating WebsiteOne of the biggest frustrations I hear from business owners is that they find it too difficult (or too time consuming) to update their website and make routine changes to their site.  They have the site built and all looks good, but then it just sits there.  They aren’t sure how to change the text, how to add a new page, how to update their specials…etc.  And if they do make some changes and something “breaks” on the site they have no way to fix it.

That’s where we come in.  Our team of “web geeks” can keep an eye on your site and help prevent hackers and viruses from accessing your website, and we can make updates and changes to your site and keep your site well maintained and optimized.

Note: We primarily deal with WordPress based sites, so some of the features and services we mention here may or may not be applicable to other website formats.  Please contact us ahead of time if your website is not WordPress based.

Hiring a WebmasterTypically, when a business owner needs to update their website, if they have a staff member in charge of the website and has the skills to make the adjustments, they assign the task to them. No problem. Of course, there is a cost of having someone on staff, whether full-time or part-time, and that cost could add $1,000 – $5,000+ to the monthly payroll depending on that individuals job title and responsibilities.

Another scenario is that the business owner ask for outside help.  This may require writing and placing a classified ad for a web tech project. Screening applicants. Choosing the candidate and trusting that they can make the changes in a timely manor.  The cost for one-off projects could be anywhere from $30 – $100+ per hour, not to mention the cost of your time and energy to locate the person and the cost of any software needed for the project.  A few multiple-hour projects a month and you could be well over $500, and with this scenario we haven’t even mentioned who or how you are monitoring and protecting your website from hackers and necessary updates.

The Best PlanThe best option? Hire Say So Marketing for one of our security and/or maintenance packages. With just our basic maintenance package, we will monitor your website for any security breaches and make any required WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme updates all for less than $1.50/day.

For just a little more, we will include virtually unlimited maintenance tasks* to the website (basic tasks of 30 minutes or less). If you need to add a new page to your site, add a picture, change some text, add new specials, add a blog post, remove some content…etc, it’s covered. Just send an email with the requested changes and we will make the changes.  If something on your site is broken or not working properly we can fix it (if it is a major repair, additional fees may apply, but we will let you know in advance and we are pretty quick and well skilled for most fixes).

If you want even more bang for your buck, our all inclusive package also adds in detailed monthly (or weekly if requested) website analytics reporting along with additional support and consultation services.  If you want to really see how people are arriving at your site, what they are doing on the site, what pages are performing the best (and the worst), and be able to ask the experts anything related to online marketing or website tech talk, this is the best deal for you.

With any of our plans at $49 / $99 / $199 per month, you will receive way more value and service than most people get from hiring a part-time employee to do the same work.  So choose a plan and stop worrying about your website.  Let the pros take care of it for you. Call us with any questions at 702-478-3222 or click here to contact us online.

Basic Core Security

  • Weekly Site Backups
  • 24/7 Core Security Monitoring
  • Anti-Malware Scans + Virus Removal**
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Standard Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Optional Free Web Hosting

Full Service + Analytics

  • Daily Site Backups
  • 24/7 Core Security Monitoring
  • Anti-Malware Scans + Virus Removal**
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Premium* Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Optional Free Web Hosting
  • Website updates and tasks with VIP priority scheduling (up to 4 hours monthly)
    (Basic webmaster tasks)
  • Monthly Website SEO Audit Report (on-site seo)
  • Pro-Active Website Updates And Optimization Suggestions
  • Unlimited Email Support and Consultation
  • Detailed Monthly Analytics Reports (includes analytics from Google Analytics, Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools), Facebook, Google Ads, Youtube and more)
    (Weekly reports available if applicable)

*Some restriction may apply. Please consult with our team prior to service to confirm all the details. Thanks!